It all started when…

Eugenia Gajardo was born to be an artist. She weaves her successful profession as a psychotherapist and counsellor with the realisationof her long time ambition as an artist. Her art is enriched by her extraordinary and multicultural life.

She was born in Santiago, Chile, and has made Singapore her home for 38 years. She lived and studied in the USA, France, Switzerland and the UK. In high school, Gajardo was a poetry prize winner. As an adult in the UK, she was in fashion, and in Singapore spent 15 years in the corporate world. She lived in an ashram for three years undertaking yogic studies and pursued her Master of Social Sciences (Prof Counselling) at age 58 in Singapore.

Her art is funnelled from the rich tapestry of her lif—her paintings are a result of the international exposure and multicultural stimuli of living in places with deep-rooted history and culture, her personal process of change and transformation to develop into who she wants to be.

Since September 2013, Gajardo enrolled in two eight-week painting classes at LASALLE College of the Arts and six months at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Painting is her passion, a physical manifestation of her artistic expression. Her commitment to art and painting is one that occupies a lifetime and is evinced by her continualconversations on canvas.